Transfer Your Credit Cards

From Tina in Winneconne:

Dear Merv – I have three credit cards, two store cards and one from a larger bank. The rates on these cards range from 15.99% to 27%. A friend told me that I can transfer my credit card balances to lower rate credit cards, but that can’t be true, can it? Also, where did you get your tie?

Tina – You’ll be glad to know that your friend is correct. At Verve, we’d be happy to take your balances from your higher rate cards, even store cards, and move them to our RateFirst MasterCard®, which has a crazy as-low-as rate of 9.65% APR!* Verve has a card for everyone, and of course, there’s no charge to transfer your balances, which can usually be done within 20 minutes.

I get my ties from a lot of places. Once you start saving money on your credit cards, maybe we should go shopping?

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