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Instant Issue literally means what it implies – you can get your debit card in your hand and ready to use the day you open a checking account with CitizensFirst. We are one of the only financial institutions who do this. Many times, you open a checking account and apply for your check/debit card and have to wait for your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to arrive in the mail 7-10 days later. At Verve, however, you can select your own PIN and walk out with your debit card the very same day!

There is no cost to get a debit card for access to your checking funds.

There is not a fee for transactions or withdrawals done at our ATMs or Kwik-Trip ATMs, or for point-of-sale (POS) purchases with retailers – either in-person, or online. We literally provide our members with 1,000’s of ATMs nationwide that are fee-free.  However, if you go to an ATM that is out of our network, you may be charged a fee to withdraw funds from there.

Debit card transactions are easy to track using our free, online home banking. From your PC at home (or laptop or smartphone with our mobile app), you can access your account and get a report anytime of transactions in your checking account – whether it’s cash withdrawals from an ATM, purchases at a local or online retailer, or automatic withdrawals or transfers you may have set up. Track expenses daily, weekly or monthly. Debit card tracking takes a lot of the paperwork out of your daily life! Alternatively, you can still save receipts from your debit card transactions and enter them into a checkbook register just as you would when writing a check.

Overdraft protection is a means of protecting your checking account from being overdrawn when you write a check that exceeds your available balance. To apply for overdraft protection, you must designate other accounts (savings, money markets, Kwik-Cash loans*, etc.) where Verve can transfer money from in the event this happens and the transfers will kick in automatically to help cover the overage. Please see our full Account Summary for fees for this service.

Overdraft Protection Plus is a means of protecting your checking account from being overdrawn when you use your debit card and exceed your available balance (either through an ATM withdrawal or point-of-sale transaction).  If you have exhausted your sources of overdraft protection, you may “opt in “ to receive Overdraft Protection Plus which may allow you to overdraw your account. Restrictions may apply and the normal overdraft fees would apply.

*Subject to approval.

A Kwik Cash loan is a revolving line of credit that will “kick in” if you select to have overdraft protection structured this way. IIn the event of an overdraft situation, we will transfer funds automatically from your Kwik Cash loan to your checking account to cover the overdraft for you. You will simply be responsible for paying off the balance on the Kwik Cash loan plus interest. Many times, members will choose to have a savings account as a first place to look for funds, and then secondarily at the Kwik Cash line of credit. However, if you ultimately transfer funds from your savings account first, but there is not enough money to cover the overdraft there, and an additional transfer is made, there will be an additional fee* charged.

See full Account Summary of fees.

Members can use eLerts to receive emails when their balances fall below a certain level, or Home Banking or Memberline Telephone banking to monitor their balances on their own. Overdraft Protection and Overdraft Protection Plus simply provide a little extra insurance that you will still be able to make a purchase if you inadvertently exceed your funds available.

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