Financial education blossoms when Verve sprinkles Girl Scout Daisy meetings with fun lessons.

By April 15, 2016 No Comments

The best way to grow a vibrant community with lots of opportunity is from the ground up.

The best way to grow a vibrant community with lots of opportunity is from the ground up. That’s why Verve recently met with the Girl Scout Daisies of Troop #2497 in Oshkosh, leading them through a series of educational activities to help them learn about how money works.

Members of the Verve team joined the Daisies, ages 5-7, at two of their weekly meetings on December 21, 2015, and March 7, 2016. At the first meeting, not only did the girls learn about different kinds of money through a treasure hunt and counting activities, but they also learned how money is used to pay for activities they enjoy. The second meeting focused on the different ways people can use money, like saving, spending or donating. The girls decorated their own piggy banks and listened to a Little Critter story about money management. At the end of the day, Verve’s fun, engaging activities helped lay the groundwork for continued financial learning down the road.

Planting the seeds of financial literacy.

Financial education is a perennial endeavor at Verve that we commit our time and energy toward year after year. In fact, education is one of the 7 Cooperative Principles, which are tried-and-true guidelines that help us run our credit union in a way that plants seeds of financial literacy that bloom into fiscally responsible members. Whether their financial literacy is just budding or filly blossomed our fun, inspiring programs give community members the tools they need to make smart financial decisions for themselves and their families for years to come.